Listen To This Mother’s Passionate Speech Regarding Medical Cannabis

Moriah Barnhart, mother of Dahlia, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, speaks passionately about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the push for its legalization.

This medicine should be available to anyone who wants to utilize it and we will fight until we see that happen across the fifty united states.


FULL ARTICLE – Parents Fighting To Give Their Kids Marijuana


So my daughter Dahlia was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer two years ago and every child diagnosed within a similar time frame of her is now dead. The only difference between Dahlia and any other protocol is cannabis. Our zip code should not say whether or not we are allowed to alleviate our own child’s suffering. I met these other parents we have here a plethora of different medical disabilities disorders and diseases



from type a to type 1 diabetes. Cannabis is known to help all of these disorders and you know my own daughters oncologist wouldn’t discuss cannabis with me we were in Tennessee at Saint Jude and her doctor didn’t know anything about cannabis but she did know  it was federally illegal and she did not want to discuss it. After 6 months Of Dahlia being on Cannabis her doctor left saint Jude to go run the research all of the research



in Georgia and she emailed me and said when I saw what that plant did for Dahlia as a doctor knowing that all of our medicines come from plants I could not look the other way. So we’re here fighting for our own children but also for our vets for anyone who suffers from any ailment that makes there life unlivable or enjoyable even. You know Cannabis should be available and we really believe that these disorders and diseases



do not discriminate, medicines don’t discriminate either whether it be from age or diagnosis this medicine should be available to anyone who wants to utilize it and we will fight until we see that happen across the 50 United states. 
For more information – here is a link to Dahlia Barnhart’s Facebook page:


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