Marijuana Phenotypes And Genotypes

Genetics Of Marijuana

Marijuana Phenotypes And Genotypes –  With marijuana sometimes the same strains can have distinctly different effects as well as tasting vastly different. There are two reasons behind this phenomenon: growing technique and genetics.

Like any other plant, there is going to be a difference based on different grow practices or a different environment. Where the genetics determine the potential of the plant.

What do the terms genotype and phenotype mean? How do growers use them to help us grow better, more potent medical marijuana?

Genotype and Phenotype

In genetics, there is a  difference between genotype and phenotype. The genotype is the actual genetic code of any type of organism. They are the building blocks of how that organism is capable of growing.

The phenotype is the visible traits and how the environment affects the plant. (purples, greens, smells). The phenotype is affected by the environment the plant is growing in.The smell, taste, color, shape, and potency of medical marijuana is the phenotype at work.

Genotype, Phenotype, and Environment

An easy way to explain these terms is by putting them into an equation together.

Genotype + Environment = The interaction of genotype and environment = Phenotype.

Even you a grower uses seeds from the same plant they won’t be genetic identical,  Think of them as siblings rather than identical twins.


Cloning is the only way to create almost identical plant matter. Cloning is copying the genes of one plant. If you have a crop of clones growing together and the environment is the same for all of them, you will end up with the same plant. Different environments, however, will lead to different results because of phenotypes.

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