Better Understand Cannabis With The Medical Cannabis Handbook

As cannabis for medicinal use is now legal in more than 60% of the United States (33 states), it is important for medical professionals to thoroughly understand the cannabis plant, its compounds, and its healing abilities. This is especially important for healthcare professionals planning on recommending cannabis to a patient. Those in the healthcare industry that are not recommending cannabis to patients should still do what they can to keep up with the latest information about one of the fastest growing trends in the medical community. The newly released Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals from Springer Publishing Company is one of the most thorough options for healthcare professionals to best understand cannabis.

Information Found In The Medical Cannabis Handbook

The Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals as authored and envisioned by the Founder and CEO of Medical Marijuana 411, Christine Nazarenus, is full of information relating to cannabis and its medicinal uses. The handbook delves into the biology of the endocannabinoid system, addresses how cannabis interacts with the body, examines what the side effects of cannabis can be, and covers a vast amount of other information relating to medical cannabis.

Few educational resources deliver as much up-to-date research about medical cannabis as the Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals. Not only does the book delve into the latest evidence-based research, it also touches on some of the most common myths and misinformation about cannabis. It is incredibly important for healthcare professionals who may not have a thorough background with cannabis to understand how to combat the most widely dispelled myths.

Necessary Information About Cannabis

Both recreational cannabis and medical cannabis are being legalized at a more rapid rate than ever before. As legalization sweeps the United States, it is of critical importance that healthcare professionals understand how cannabis interacts with patients in order to create effective treatment strategies. The Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals makes it easier than ever for those in the healthcare industry to learn all they need to know and more about medical cannabis.

How To Purchase The Medical Cannabis Handbook

The Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals is available for purchase for $45 through a number of different channels including Medical Marijuana 411, Amazon, and the Springer Publishing Company website. On the Medical Marijuana 411 website, there are a number of purchasing options to save money. Purchase a handbook with a set of high-quality enlarged infographics (example below) or alongside one of our thorough online cannabis education courses and receive a discount.


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