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Jason Reinhardt

VP, Business Development

Jason Reinhardt

Jason Reinhardt, Vice President of Business Development, meets global cannabis growth with enthusiasm and experience. He has demonstrated results in former positions as a dispensary manager and medical cannabis consultant. He utilizes a background in communication, customer relations, international business, management, and sales to facilitate access to legal cannabis for health and wellness. Jason believes, dialogues, and enacts changes in the areas of education, law reform, and standardization that have positively impacted the cannabis industry.

While working for one of the largest dispensaries in Washington state, Jason completed the MM411 Medical Consultant Certification. He then mentored a team of budtenders to become medical consultants who now serve Washington patients.

Jason transformed from client to collaborator. With MM411, he has built cannabis courses, guided customers through enrollment and registration, and fostered international partnerships. He has seen firsthand that cannabis as medicine can better lives and cultivate community.

Along with a permanent dedication to the personal and professional study of cannabis, Jason enjoys exploring new cuisines and adventuring in the great outdoors. Anytime, anywhere, he is ready to strike up a conversation with you about cannabis, from the beautiful details to the expansive opportunities.