Meet ASA's Newest Community Liaison for Los Angeles

Cheryl Aichele Talks About Meeting with Elected Officials

Cheryl Aichele, ASA's (Americans for Safe Access) newest community liaison in Los Angeles, talks about first becoming a medical cannabis activist.

Cheryl Aichele, who recently took a position as the Los Angeles Community Liaison for Americans for Safe Access (ASA), discusses what it was like when she first became involved in the medical cannabis movement while Charlie Lynch was faces Federal charges in a medical state.

Cheryl will be attending all Southern California stakeholder’s meetings while ASA’s Executive Director, Steph Sherer, along with Don Duncan take the ASA tour around the West Coast.

If you are a collective, dispensary, patient, or advocate, and would like more information literature or guidance on a particular matter, please visit the ASA website, and get involved in your local advocacy group.





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