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In the dynamic cannabis industry where laws, regulations and best practices for patient care is constantly changing, there is a lot of uncertainty. The future of cannabis as it relates to the Federal Government, as well as the various State and Local Governments, is dependent upon the Cannabis Industry’s ability to operate in a legal and professional manner. There are unlimited business opportunities which attract many “overnight” experts and their poor business practices. These inconsistent practices do not professionalize the industry, which is necessary for creating standardization and a safe environment. The time has come to establish the cannabis community as a thriving, enriching, collaborative and professional environment.

Partners Brian Eaton and Randy Hausauer attended a so-called cannabis business conference in 2016 which was attended by over 20,000 people. This event was more of a big party and free swag bag giveaway attracting very few industry professionals. This fortunate experience was the initial inspiration for creating The Movement Forum, Our aim is to create a curated, safe place for professionals to collaborate and transact high level business dealings. This transcendent 2-day forum on September 6th-7th, 2018 is relationship-driven, experiential and result focused, connecting vetted industry professionals in a productive environment.

How is “The Movement Forum” different from other cannabis conferences, business models, and networking events? Every attendee and solution provider at the forum will be vetted through the “Cannabis SmartSource” proprietary process giving the people who need services or are looking to transact business the confidence that they are connecting and dealing with safe people and businesses. Instead of 20,000 or more party seeking attendees, our private forum is limited to only 1,800 attendees and 75 of the top vetted businesses and solution providers. Our vision and goal is to better serve the B2B cannabis community; bringing professional people together, saving them time, energy, and money.

Brian and Randy with their diverse backgrounds, which includes law enforcement, business funding, real estate, compliance, security, marketing, technology and consulting developed this platform out of their own needs. We partnered with cannabis industry titans, “Baker Technologies” and “Medical Marijuana 411”, where we aligned for the same common goal: safe patient access, professional business environment, and pushing forward the movement.

Randy Hausauer, a retired Long Beach Police Lieutenant with 29 years of service, was the face of Long Beach Measure MM in 2016, which lifted the ban on medical marijuana in the city.

Randy interviewing local Long Beach residents about medical cannabis:

After losing his sister to a prescription pain medication overdose in 2013, Randy was inspired to do some research on the opioid addiction and death epidemic that was occurring in America. The need for safe and effective alternative pain treatment options became clear. During his investigative research, Randy was overwhelmed by the positive results he saw coming out of Israel and various parts of Europe related to cannabis as not only a safe and effective treatment for pain, but also for many other health and medical related issues. States that have allowed medical marijuana have experienced up to a 33% reduction in opioid related deaths over time. As a result of his research, Randy has had a paradigm shift and is now an advocate of the medical marijuana movement, believing that people need access to safe alternative medicine that works. After years of playing sports and chasing “bad guys”, Randy is experiencing related joint pains which he treats with topical CBD; the results have been tremendous without the side effects that come with prescription pain medications.

Brian Eaton’s entrance into cannabis comes from being a medicinal patient (recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome) and a professional background in real estate, finance, technology and marketing where he pioneered a valuation system in the early 2000’s similar to the modern-day Zillow. As a visionary, Brian is always looking for ways to improve systems, making them more efficient using technology and utilizing his skill sets in the cannabis industry. His forward thinking and desire to improve the process helped to create the vision for Cannabis SmartSource,, the core intake process and vetting platform for The Movement Forum. “We want to intimately know every business owners’ growth needs. Whether a startup looking to build their dream team, an existing business looking to scale, or an investor seeking opportunities, then The Movement Forum is a must attend. Our mission is about efficiently connecting the right people to get results, whatever their desired outcome may be.”

In an industry fraught with a reputation for thugs and kingpins, The Movement Forum is here to help change the negative public perception by improving professional business relations and changing how business is done in the cannabis marketplace. It is estimated that cannabis will bring in well over $22 Billion in 2022, making it time for cannabis businesses and solution providers to put their stake in the ground and change the culture of marijuana business.

Join the Movement today.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

For attendee tickets and sponsorship opportunities please visit the site below:

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