Patient Story- Drug Abuse and Medical Marijuana

My Life Before and After Medical Marijuana – Patient Story. The brief excerpt was submitted to Medical Marijuana from a medical marijuana patient, who asked to remain anonymous.  Read why he chooses cannabis for his medicine. If you have a story you would like to share with the Medical Marijuana 411 audience, please feel free to submit it via this link.

I started smoking marijuana in 1971 back in high school. It made you laugh and gave you the munchies…but that was about it. After a stint in the Army, I came back to the United States and started growing marijuana.

After working for the railroad, I went to school to become a motorcycle mechanic. This was my dream job. Unfortunately, I got hurt at work and blew out my knee. What was prescribed by doctors was opiates for the pain. I have chronic pain and there are no opiates that I can take, in the amount that I needed for my pain,  and I needed more relief so I turned to heroin. I didn’t think that marijuana could help with the pain. I only knew of the high school “high” and hadn’t even considered using cannabis. Well, didn’t consider using cannabis until my body was in such bad shape from the heroin and I knew I had to make a change just to live.

I began to use medical marijuana to get off the heroin. Marijuana is my pain control without I would have a hard time getting around. It is different using marijuana for my chronic pain and now I know that I can have a lower THC, so I bypass the “high” that I knew as a teenager.  I can’t explain it but it works and my body feels better. I am no longer addicted to opiates or heroin. Marijuana is the only medicine I use for my pain.

I have tried many marijuana products and flowers are the way I use my medicine. I have been behind legalization for as long as I can remember, way back to the 60s.  Today I go to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings for my addictions.

I have been off the hard drugs for two years now thanks to medical marijuana. If you find yourself in a similar situation and live in a legal state, I urge you to try medical marijuana.

Thanks and Peace – medical patient, submitted anonymously to Medical Marijuana


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