Oklahoma Senate OKs Life in Prison for Hash

The cold water extraction method of making hash, easy to do with your own trim and is encouraged in medical states, could land you in jail for life in Oklahoma.

Making hash from marijuana is closer to becoming a crime punishable by life in prison earlier this week when the Oklahoma Senate voted 44-2 in favor of a bill that was written on behalf of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Very little hash making is done in what is primarily a meth zone, like many midwest farm country territories and truck routes.

Mark Woodward, OBNDD spokesman, explained the harsh treatment of hash makers is to “send a message” that all illicit drugs will be enforced with the greatest leverage of the law.

So to make the leverage more painful for those who are using hash to relieve pain, a pain management regimen used in many states legally through the lawful practice of cannabis therapeutics, sufferers and patients  are going to be caught in the crossfire of whatever SWAT-style raids will take place in places making hash, like a patient’s home.

If a person was not convicted to life in prison after the first offense, which has a mandatory minimum of two (2) years and can not exceed a life sentence, an automatic doubling of the punishment for those convicted a second time for the same ‘crime’ will not be eligible for a suspended sentence or probation.

The bill is heading to the House for final consideration and all parents who want to keep their kids free from inappropriate punishments for cannabis extracts should petition their elected officials in the hopes that their children and grandchildren can remain free from being victims of state-sactioned cruel and unusual punishment.


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