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Palm Beach County 1st Ever Medicinal Cannabis Trial for Jeffrey Kennedy

Rich 2011-03-23 1 comment

Palm Beach County 1st Ever Medicinal Cannabis Trial for Jeffrey Kennedy

Monday, May 2 at 8:30am – May 4 at 4:00pm
Palm Beach Courthouse

Jeffrey and Sharon Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy is a person who suffers from a painful condition known as neuropathy. After being prescribed large volumes of addictive opiates, Jeffrey found that medicinal grade cannabis provided the most relief for his pain. Since his income is limited to what is provided under disability, Jeffrey began to grow his own medicine…which keep in mind relieved the taxpayers of the cost of supplying is painkillers.

Please see his entire story and more information here

Unfortunately, Jeffrey’s house was burglarized in 2009. Since Jeffrey had firearms in the house, he was forced to call the Boynton Beach Police Department. Jeffrey was immediately arrested and charged with trafficking upon the discovery of his plants and the Boynton Beach Police Department never investigated the burglary.

Jeffrey will bravely stand trial on May 2, 2011 and will be the first person in the history of Palm Beach County to use the Medical Necessity Defense.

We ask that you support Jeffrey’s plight to remain a free man and to support HJR 1407, The Medical Cannabis Bill. Your voice will determine whether residents of Florida will take a step in the right direction of responsible drug policy

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  1. Jim Moore

    I was wondering what the results of the trial of May 2,2011 for Jeffery W Kennedy in Palm Beach County.