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Taima (Cannabis) Museum

The Taima (Cannabis) Museum, opened in 2001, is a private museum located on the Nasu Highlands of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, historically one of the largest producers of cannabis / hemp in Japan. The museum’s mission is to change perception of cannabis in Japan by disseminating information through books, classes and other methods to rediscover this agricultural crop which the area is particularly proud.

Our principal activities include our museum, which collects, stores and exhibits hemp agriculture materials, training in hemp yarn production and other traditional hemp crafts, and producing various hemp books and other publications.

As of 2020, we are excited to support MM411 in their development, for the first time in Japan, a comprehensive Cannabis Folklore Course, to develop hemp folklore ‘curators’ and accelerate knowledge on the many uses of hemp in the culture of Japan through the powerful medium of e-learning.