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Patient Story: Bunny Hethcox Anxiety PTSD and Depression

Sam Sabzehzar 2013-05-10 0 comments

Bunny Hethcox is a 54-year-old mother of two and grandmother of six. Bunny taught her kids drugs were bad.

Patient Story: Bunny Hethcox Anxiety PTSD and Depression

Bunny suffers from fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression and anxiety, and one day while driving with her son, she had a bad panic attack and was unable to find her Xanax.

After pulling over, sweating and shaking, her son pulled a joint from his pocket and said “I think you need this more than I do.”

It took her a minute to decide whether to yell at him or try it, but once she did, she discovered that cannabis calmed her considerably.

Hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, Demerol and various other drugs had failed to ease the pain of her fibromyalgia, but after using medical cannabis for several months for her anxiety, she found that the pain lifted and her intense PTSD symptoms became tolerable.

Here is her story: