Practical certification courses to meet the needs of Cannabis professionals, patients and industry members.

  • Cannabis 101


    The Cannabis 101 online course is a series of modules designed to help the “canna curious” understand they “why” cannabis could be a possible solution for their healthcare.

    This course goes through the science of why cannabis works within our own bodies, in an easy to read presentation, of the science, patient dosing, and specific ailments…

  • CBD Advanced Certification


    CBD is not the same thing as cannabis, marijuana or hemp. CBD is a single compound in the cannabis plant, from the Cannabaceae family of plants. Cannabis produces many naturally occurring compounds, including CBD.

    When we consume activated cannabinoids, we can experience the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant.  Both CBD and THC cannabinoids, as…

  • Beyond Stigma: The Fundamentals of Psychedelic Medicine


    Psychedelic-assisted therapy has the potential to revolutionize mental healthcare.

    We believe the greatest barriers to this revolution are stigma and misinformation. We also believe that education is the most powerful tool to combat those barriers.

    In service to this mission, we have collated the highly compelling evidence-based data emerging from psychedelic science to…

  • Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course


    Cannabis Woven Into Japanese Culture, New And Old

    Arriving in Japan almost 40,000 years ago, cannabis has been a core agricultural crop in Japan for over 12,000 years, found today in everything from religious symbols to a popular motif in modern Japan.

    The Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course, co-developed by MM411 and the Taima (Cannabis) Museum…