Hemp & Wellness

Practical certification courses to meet the needs of Cannabis professionals, patients and industry members.

  • Anti-aging and Wellness course


    Cannabis and certain foods have been researched for their potential anti-aging benefits. The interest in these natural remedies is driven by their antioxidant properties, ability to reduce inflammation, and in some cases, their impact on specific aging-related pathways. It’s essential to approach this topic with an understanding that while some studies suggest potential benefits, more…

  • Cannabis 101 Online Course


    The Cannabis 101 online course is a series of modules designed to help the “canna curious” understand they “why” cannabis could be a possible solution for their healthcare.

  • Hemp Sustainability Foundational Course


    Unleashing the Potential of a Versatile and Eco-Friendly Plant

    The Hemp Sustainability Fundamentals online course introduces you to the environmental, commercial and health benefits of hemp – a variety of cannabis with trace levels of THC – exploring its remarkable potential as a sustainable resource.

    Written by the leading expert on hemp sustainability in Japan,…

  • Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course


    Cannabis is woven into Japanese culture. Arriving in Japan almost 40,000 years ago, cannabis has been a core agricultural crop in Japan for over 12,000 years, found today in everything from religious symbols to a popular motif in modern Japan.

    The Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course, co-developed by MM411 and the Taima (Cannabis) Museum of Japan,…