Recovering From Reefer Madness: A Moral Hangover Generations in the Making

From left to right, Warren Edson, Dr. Alan Shackelford, and Dr. Robert Melamede at an Awareness Mixer for the Unconventional Foundation for Autism at Casselman's in Denver March 2, 2011 (Photo credit: MedicalMarijuana411)

After Colorado Republican Representative Cindy Acree mislead the public about medical marijuana in edible form by referencing products that were never actually found in Colorado, and not one was even on any medical cannabis market in any state within the last five years, the focus of the conversation in Colorado shifted from a total ban to a more sensible marketing and labeling approach.

One day later, Mieko Perez, one of the most well-known figures in the medical marijuana movement, was honored for her efforts of saving the life of her autistic son through the use medical cannabis in edible form.

Many mothers like Mieko rely on edibles as a delivery method to administer phytocannabinoids, or the compounds that bind to her son’s endogenous cannabinoid system, much like ‘chewable’ vitamins are made for children.

Colorado lawyer Warren Edson, who brought up the fact that a google search revealed nothing that Rep. Acree was crying foul on.  In fact, one of her examples was merely a t-shirt sold at in many stores around the country and was never actually an edible.

“If you Google Cap’n Chronic, you’ll see it’s a T-shirt for sale at places like Spencer’s Gifts,” explains Edson. “I’m not aware of there having been a real Cap’n Chronic product ever. And if you Google Pot Tarts, you find out that they were found during a March 2006 bust in California. So their example of harm being done in Colorado is a mythical product and one that was never in Colorado and was shut down five years ago. That was the best they could come up with.”

Walgreens Pharmacy is open 24/7 and offers up to $100 worth gift cards when you change your refills to Walgreens. Many look sick, as well as perfectly healthy while they safely refill their prescription.

What a google search does reveal however, is that the pulse of Americans can be read in real time.  Americans are trying to get their information and most people turn to the internet to do so.  Even when adults get their information from Fox ‘news,’ they still wish to go online to verify what they hear is accurate or to follow up on a sound bite that wasn’t elaborated on.

Google keeps track of these inquiries and the results are quite intriguing.

If anyone types in the word “alcohol” into a Keyword search in Google’s analytical tool, the searching that is going on in real time reveals alcohol as having a negative impact in our society.  The most popular searches with the word alcohol include the words “addiction,” “abuse,” “poisoning,” and even “date-rape.”

When the same exercise is continued with the words “cannabis” and “marijuana,” a positive, holistic world is revealed to the end-user that not only calls into question the intelligence of elected officials who deny science and fact, but also their sanity when they continue to create bogus claims that use tactics less than honorable, like lying.

If elected officials like Rep. Cindy Acree have a moral compass, they should know be experiencing what many of her generation have gone through when they see the light:  a moral hangover reflecting the recognition of the lives they have destroyed in their misguided fight to regulate drugs in America, starting with medical cannabis.

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