San Francisco cab drivers with medical marijuana cards exempt from drug testing

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors unanimously voted last Tuesday to approve drug testing for taxi drivers, as reported by the San Francisco Examiner.

However, the board amended the resolution to exempt penalties for taxi drivers who have a valid medical marijuana recommendations.

The drug tests would be required when taxi drivers renew their cab permits with The City, apply for a new permit, after having an accident and if there is reasonable suspicion of drug use, according to the resolution.

A driver who tests positive for drugs will be suspended. Drivers who test positive for marijuana, however, may present the SFMTA with a valid “recommendation or approval” for medical marijuana, in which case their suspension will be lifted.

Opponents of the move to drug test all taxi drivers argued that more cab drivers will simply start driving for Uber or other car-sharing services instead.

Uber does not require its drivers to be drug tested unless a passenger lodges a complaint, according to TIME.

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