Shona Banda – Live Free or Die – The Original

“Kicked that Grim Reaper in the balls and now can sit back point my finger at him and laugh in his damn face!!”
~ Shona Banda

While I was sick and dying, I watched “Run From the Cure”, an online documentary by Rick Simpson. It changed my life forever! I have cured myself of a terminal case of Crohn’s Disease after 8years. I have had 15 surgeries and have had every organ you can have taken out and still survive. I had found a way to make cannabis oil in small amounts making it easy and affordable for ANYONE to have access to this miraculous medicine. I am now healthy and vibrant, very full of life!

The Book was a result of a journal I had started just 3 days after starting the oil from my death bed, it was only March ’09! Please check it out! Thanks!

Live Free or Die
… with a glass-dome vaporizer and a spatula, you can make it anywhere in small amounts (that won’t get you high) once it gets out that you can do this for less than $100 to start plus the cost of the plant… it’s over! It won’t be able to be stopped! I hope that you check out the book… it was just a journal I had started after starting this method, and realized the information within it MUST be shared with all.


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