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Joe Grumbine Talks About a Natural Stress Reliever Through Cannabis Joe Grumbine, founder of The Human Solution, lives with his family at Willow Creek Springs where he has a rather large garden of healing herbs, including cannabis. Joe has been helping others heal with plant-based medicines far longer than the general public ... Read More
February 21, 2011Daily Dose


By Brittany Levine | Published in The Orange County Register Attorneys for two medical-marijuana dispensaries say Dana Point officials violated the owners' rights to due  process by not inspecting the shops before shutting them down and disconnecting their utilities two weeks  ago. Beach Cities Collective and Holistic Health argued ... Read More
February 16, 2011Daily Dose


By Peter Hecht | Published in The Sacramento Bee Alarmed by a police backlash against pot dispensaries in some California cities, lawmakers and advocates for medical marijuana are calling for statewide regulation of medical cannabis stores and new laws to clarify rules under which they operate. Additionally, some ... Read More
February 13, 2011Rich


In a not-so-surprising turn of events in the courtroom that is hosting the scene of the crime; wasting tax dollars trying to convict two honest and innocent men, Judge Jesse Rodriguez pulled out all the stops when MedicalMarijuana411.com was again denied media access. After being granted the right ... Read More
February 11, 2011Daily Dose


In the second day of Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron's preliminary hearing, several of prosecuting attorney Ryan Dibble's witnesses contradicted Dibble's previous witness when yesterday's undercover officer would not, under oath, admit any other benefits were received by members of the defendant's collectives. Today's undercover detectives spouted ... Read More
February 9, 2011Rich


Reasonable Doubts - The First Thread of the Sweater If you only need prove a reasonable doubt, the charade that took place today at the Long Beach Superior Courthouse offered up plenty of doubts Expert witnesses offered up by Ryan Dibble will soon be demoted to ex-experts, as cross-examination ... Read More
February 8, 2011Rich


By Eugene Davidovich | San Diego ASA Chapter President On Thursday San Diego District Attorney (DA) Dumanis and her fierce fight against medical marijuana  saw a significant setback. San Diego Superior Court Judge Howard H. Shore granted Jackson’s motion  to stay out of jail pending appeal. Jovan Jackson a ... Read More
February 7, 2011Daily Dose


The option to establish or at least work toward such security forms the crucial foundation for "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." One could, with justification, say that the right to plant a seed, harvest it, and benefit from the fruit of one's labor is our most essential right, ... Read More
January 21, 2011Daily Dose


There are 119 researchers registered with DEA to perform studies with marijuana, marijuana extracts, and non-tetrahydrocannabinol marijuana derivatives that exist in the plant, such as cannabidiol and cannabinol. Eighteen of the researchers are approved to conduct research with smoked marijuana on human subjects and “while some people [think] the federal government ... Read More
January 20, 2011Sam Sabzehzar