The California Supreme Court Denies Cities, Upholds Medical Marijuana Patient’s Rights to Safe Access

By Orange County NORML and Orange County Americans for Safe Access

As a result of the above, the collective in Wildomar beat back the Temporary Restraining Order filed by the nearly bankrupt city of Wildomar seeking to close them and they remain OPEN. Their motion by the collective to stay open will be heard on Monday and it is looking very good indeed. This also bodes very well for the Health & Wellness Collective case to be eard this Thursday, Dec. 9. The Supreme Court’s rejection of the Anaheim appeal completely undermines Judge Molloy’s ruling last week against the collective as the Judge stated that Kruse and Naulls were controlling and in fact Qualified Patients was controlling and his ruling was wrong. It will be show stopping excitement to see how the Collective’s attorney David Nick rattles Judge Molloy’s cage for his erroneous ruling and how it can be rectified. This hearing, which was spoken about only in the most forlorn of terms only 48 hours ago, has now turned into a veritable rout for medical marijuana patients.
You will definitely want to be there this Thursday, Dec. 9 to see how Judge Molloy tries to wiggle out of his ruling. The skullduggery between Judge Molloy, the Riverside City Attorney’s office, Jeffrey Dunn, BB&K, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and specifically the Riverside County DA’s office has come to naught. There still is justice in Riverside County. During this time of trial and travail, the Health & Wellness Center Collective continues to be open and operate including their now (thanks to Good Morning America) famous farmer’s market.

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