The time Bill Murray got busted with 10 pounds of pot

Today is Bill Murray’s 65th birthday. It also marks 45 years since he was busted at O’Hare International Airport with ten pounds of pot.

At the age of 20, Murray had just finished up birthday celebrations with his family in Chicago and was set to fly back to Denver to resume his pre-med studies at Regis College. While the now notoriously talented funny man wasn’t famous yet, his sense of humor got him into a rather infamous incident with the law after he was overheard joking to fellow passengers that he was carrying two bombs in his suitcase.

Those two fictitious bombs turned out to be five two-pound bricks of weed.

While Murray attempted to ditch the chronic in an airport locker, he was unsuccessful. Murray made the front page of the Chicago Tribune and was charged with possession of marijuana, but due to his status as a first time offender, received no jail time. However, he was served with five years probation and elected to drop out of his pre-med studies before his criminal record got him formally booted.

The aforementioned story is detailed in the recent book The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray. Click through to buy!

Murray has recently made pot-friendly commentary in the early 2014 session he participated in for Reddit’s Ask Me Anything. Here, the comedian got candid on the topic of recreational cannabis: 


You’re talking about recreation, which everyone is in favor of. You are also talking about something that has been illegal for so many years, and marijuana is responsible for such a large part of the prison population, for the crime of self-medication. And it takes millions and billions of dollars by incarcerating people for this crime against oneself, as best can be determined. People are realizing that the war on drugs is a failure, that the amount of money spent, you could have bought all the drugs with that much money rather than create this army of people and incarcerated people. – Bill Murray


Happy birthday, Bill Murray. We love you.

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