This State Fair Judges Best Bud & Other Wonderful Things

This is such a great video!! Hat tip goes out to Eddie Becker!!

YouTube Description: This was really a cool State Fair.
Sure it had plenty of giant vegetables, helped along by smart city planners, providing help to a growing population of urban farmers, greening the city while eating healthy. (…)

And for all that is said about global warming, DC and most of the east has been spared the worst, when compared to the West Coast (see Sept. 15, 2015 map ).

So far, the growing season started off with plenty of rain, and ended in a drought, not bad for tomatoes or climate deniers who live in the DC bubble, and paralyze the process of governance in the interest of the fossil fuel industry and their benefactors.

But now most gardening has moved indoors. Since November 2014, when 70% of DC voters voted in favor of the right to grow cannabis.
Window sills, roofs gardens and high-tech reflective lined, growing closets have sprouted victory gardens, blooming with pot. But DC law forbids selling the stuff (see law run down here…)

So it’s become a throwback to the hippie days of the diggers with a giveaway/barter culture. Cannabis expertise is abundant as high tech engineers and rurals from the farming surrounds of DC match growing technologies and exchange seeds. There’s also a bit of a gold rush mentality as some folks move to DC with hopes of striking it rich from the new industry. And there likely a fair share of police intelligence undercovers, mostly from New York City, looking to make a case against growers shipping in quantities to the lucrative NY market.

The winner of the best bud contest was Kenneth Gore from Capital Growers Inc

His bud is called “Capital Chronic OG.”
OG and lemon Thai cross. This strain tests at 22.4 % THC!

Here is what the judges were looking for in the Best Bud competition.

1. Appearance: Is it well manicured? Does it have Trichomes (sparkling crystals)?
2. Odor: What does it smell like? Does it have a sweet, spicy, or murky smell?
3. Touch: Is it sticky? Does the stem snap or bend?
4.Your Story: Did you grow your plant organically? Did you use artificial light, natural light, or a combination? Was the plant grown hydroponically or in soil?

The DC State Fair and completions was gleefully hosted by Old City Farm & Guild on Facebook
They have transformed what was once an urban blight of asphalt and concrete sandwiched between brutalist public building and major commuter highway into an oasis of winding vegetable gardens and a chaotic blend of recycled beauty.

And here’s the big news “State Medical Marijuana Laws Linked to Lower Prescription Overdose Deaths” In states where it is legal to use medical marijuana to manage chronic pain and other conditions, the annual number of deaths from prescription drug overdose is 25 percent lower than in states where medical marijuana remains illegal, new research suggests.

The findings of the study, led by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center…”…

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