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YouTube Tommy Chong On Legalized Marijuana Use

Daily Dose 2015-01-15 1 comment

Tommy Chong on ‘The Stoner’ and Cannabis

YouTube Tommy Chong on legalized marijuana use. Tommy is one of those amazing old dudes with a great mind and a desire to pull you out of a simple view of marijuana and life and into a … well, another realm. Maybe that sounds like the iconic stoner — The Stoner — of “Cheech and Chong” lore who hasn’t evolved and is sitting around on some spring-sprung couch shrouded in smoke, sleepy and forgetful and stuck in 1974.

That’s not the impression I got when exploring with Chong, how The Stoner – that iconic counter-culture figure he created more than 50 years ago – has weathered the draconian epoch known as the War on Drugs to surface at at a hotel’s top-floor conference room on Friday in state where marijuana is grown and sold and smoked legally.

Chong was in Seattle for the Washington Cannabis Summit held Friday in SeaTac for people in the recreational and medical markets to put aside differences and engage the Legislature with a united front. The Legislature starts Monday and will, at some point, take up the project of dramatically reforming the state’s medical marijuana system and tweaking the recreational system.

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1 comment

  1. Dave Beck

    I’m so glad that we are moving forward League weed )