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Train And Empower Your Team

Your team is your most valuable asset. Here at Medical Marijuana 411, we understand this and will help you ensure your team is trained and highly skilled in no time. MM411 is internationally recognized for our commitment to cannabis education based on peer-reviewed research and we look forward to sharing this training with your team. Our training programs will help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and decrease employee turnover. Contact us today to discuss group discounts and develop the perfect training program for your team.

When you train your team, you empower your team! Research and proven business results suggest that a well-trained and equipped employee is able to contribute considerably – and quantifiably – more to their place of business. Establishing a knowledgeable team will enable you to reduce turnover costs, improve employee satisfaction, and enrich the quality of work performed by your team every day.

If you operate in the retail sector, our Budtender Certifications ensure that your team understands not only the science of cannabis but also how to adapt their service and communication style to the needs of the patients and/or customers they serve. We offer more Budtender Certifications than any other educational provider, making us the standout choice to train your staff and support your business.

Alongside supporting dispensary staff and leadership, MM411 provides certifications specific to cultivation and manufacturing. We can even create customized, white-labeled training options to support your business’ unique specifications. So whether you operate a dispensary or serve as a cultivator or manufacturer, Medical Marijuana 411 is here to help you create the onboarding solution that meets your needs.

MM411 programs allow your organization to stay in compliance with state, country, and legal requirements, making the compliance piece a breeze. We also support you as you fulfill your internal HR requirements or specific compliance regulations that are inherent to your business sector.

With more than 8,000 enrollees in our certification courses, we maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To date, we have never had a refund requested.

As the leader in global cannabis education, Medical Marijuana 411 (MM411) is ready to help you train your cannabis staff. Our programs directly support your business by forwarding your compliance, training, and employee development objectives.