A Kushmas Story

A Kushmas Story
By: Juddith Del Real
Alpine Herbal Wellness

Federal medical cannabis patient Irvin Rosenfeld (left) Montana Connect founder Hiedi Handford (center) and Jeremy Joseph, Esq. Photo credit: MedicalMarijuana411.com

Kushcon II is the largest Cannabis lifestyle convention in U.S. history.  The event, held at the Colorado Convention Center, brought in more crowds than the first convention, the Colorado Cannabis Convention.  With live entertainment, great giveaways, and a grand prize that would impress anybody, patient or not, KushconII had a lot of great incentives to offer; sponsored by Kush Magazine and Dailybuds, the Kushmas party featured over 450 vendors from the industry.  KushconII brought life to the Colorado Convention Center; it provided jobs, revenue, and great networking opportunities for many industry businesses.

Since the first convention in April of this year, there have been a lot more business ventures that have developed.  These different ventures range from CannaStaff, an industry staffing agency, to MyDispensary, an application for your IPhone or Android with live feed on a certain dispensary.  There have been so many new opportunities that have surfaced and created new jobs for the unemployed.  The Medical Cannabis industry has blossomed from a shady drug deal on the corner, to legitimate business that offer alternative medicine to patients.

Kushcon created wonderful networking opportunities for many businesses in the industry.  Medical Marijuana Centers are networking and partnering with each other, edible companies are contracting with other centers to offer their products to their patients – all of which is creating more opportunities to grow and prosper in the industry.  This is one of the most important factors in the industry, helping one another to not only improve their business and increase their patient base, but to unite and help legalize Cannabis.  “Kushcon allows us to network with each other, and provide deals to save each other money” commented Jeffrey Greenswag, the CEO of Strain Source.
The Cannabis industry in Colorado has advanced rapidly in comparison to other states, and Kushcon, the Cannabis Convention, has contributed to that advancement.  Some say, that the change in name from the Colorado Cannabis Convention, to Kushcon upset some natives.  “I was anticipating more people to attend this convention, but there is a lot of home pride in Colorado, so I think it was the change of name from Colorado Cannabis Convention to Kushcon,” stated Julia Sepulveda, general manager of Fresh Republic, an MMC.

Kushcon II had a great turnout, regardless of the fact that there was no Cannabis allowed on site; of course many wanted to see some of the best Colorado Medical Cannabis but we will have to wait for that opportunity.  Colorado is the center of the industry and is setting the standards for the entire country, will we be the first to legalize Cannabis…here’s hoping!

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