Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Maine

By Amy Sinclair, posted on

Maine's Medical Marjuana Districting Map

It has been more than a year since a majority of Maine voters approved a medical marijuana initiative.

Since that time, several of the proposed dispensaries have been delayed by zoning problems and local moratoriums.

But, at least one facility, the Remedy Compassion Center, is likely to be up and running by next spring.

Just last week, Tim Smale and his wife, Jennifer, got approval from the Auburn Planning Board to open the center — at the Auburn Plaza next to a craft store.

The Smales and a staff of 10 plan to use the center to cultivate medical cannabis and sell it for around $400 an ounce.

In order to buy it, patients must get a letter from their doctor, register with the state and pay a $100 fee. Then, they’ll receive a special identification card.

The Smales say a big part of the nonprofit center’s mission will be education.

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[editor’s note – here is a link to the text of the Maine Medical Marijuana Act: ]

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