Medical Marijuana – Interview with Josh Howard – ACC – talks about why he became a caregiver

My name is Josh Howard I’m 29 years old and Im one of the original caregivers of this collective. I helped start it. So Ive been with AAC since the beginning. Before that I was a volunteer with another collective in Long Beach. But I really started getting involved around 2005, 2006 visiting other collectives in the area. Volunteering at a collective I just saw so many people that this law was passed for in 1996. You know this Compassionate Use Act was passed for people that I was seeing on a daily basis coming trough the collective. People that are a dying, or people that look completely healthy one month but you see them the after radiation treatments the next month. Half their hair is falling out they might look healthy to the average person from a distance but sit down and get to talk with them you come across some seriously ill people that are being helped through these collectives.

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