Medical Marijuana Patient Story – Being vocal about budget cuts – Mieko & Joey – Pt. 2

I don’t get a lot of breaks, I recently have been very vocal about budget cuts at the regional center. Because any day now Joey could loose health care, any day now I could loose respite for Joey and I don’t hear anyone speaking out. I know I am not the only parent effected, I know these organizations know this as well. Why do you think there are so many of these parents coming to these organizations saying we need help. It really makes me angry because God forbid my foundation makes enough money, I don’t want it. I would rather give it to the regional center so it can continue to help children. My foundation is not to fund me and my family. It is to fund those families that need help, need resources and they don’t need to go through a bunch of red tape. One weekend without having our respite person here at the agency that comes into our home to give us 6 hours of rest once a week, that person is so important to our life. That is the one day that I can go grocery shopping. For at least our state to remove any money from the regional center to me, people should be speaking a little bit louder.

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