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Addicted to the Drug War

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-10-17 0 comments

Media is the latest target in the DOJ’s crackdown on California’s medical cannabis community. Is the government’s addiction to their War on Drugs creating an out-of-control spending machine fighting a losing war?

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  October 13, 2011

Can the War on Drugs kick it's addiction?

Advertisements are supposed to help informed a consumer of their options so that they can make an informed decision.

As more and more ads related to one’s health are popping up on every television station, magazine and even in your doctor’s office, there is one advertisement the government is no longer allowing.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy declared Oct. 12 the “expansive” law that she is interpreting is so vague that she is hoping the courts will redefine it by taking these cases; a gross misuse of public funds to promulgate a political agenda.

As budgets are scrutinized, accountability of funds is more and more transparent, but is the basis for their decision-making also transparent?

Science is often neglected in the case of cannabis as a medicine, and the CRC

“We’re holding the Obama Administration accountable for its promise to preserve and promote scientific integrity… the time has come to put the politics aside and do what doctors tell us is right for their patients.”

And just last Friday, the largest group of doctors in California endorsed the idea to advocate for the legalization of cannabis, said California Medical Association’s Dustin Corcoran, CMA Chief Executive Officer.

“Our physicians have looked at this issue closely and carefully over a significant period of time. After months of research and collaboration, they have chosen to adopt this forward thinking, medically sound policy that will only further their ability to properly treat patients.”

There is a growing number of police officers, unions, and politicians also urging for the end to prohibition and there will even be a press conference this Tuesday in Santa Ana featuring Superior Court Judge (ret.) James Gray, LAPD Deputy Chief (ret.) Stephen Downing, and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speaker Diane Goldstein, who was a Lieutenant in the Redondo Beach Police Department.

Even Scholastic, Inc. is adjusting their literature on cannabis to be more science-based.

There is a law that is standing in the way of the official U.S. policy on cannabis to be adjusted, however, and because an illicit substance cannot be advocated for by law, Science has it’s hands tied on the quality and quantity of research allowed.

Who is this law supposed to protect? With the law being used to justify a war perpetrated on the citizens of the world, directly and indirectly, and with trillions of dollars being funneled from clandestine to legitimate sources through off-shore bank accounts, shell companies, and stock markets, will the era of the information age finally bring down the Berlin Wall of the Drug War?

Below is a short video montage featuring music by Immortal Technique, who recently has been at Occupy Wall Street,  with clips from Kevin Booth’s documentary, American Drug War. Warning: Explicit Lyrics.