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In an effort to grant its players more freedom, NFL marijuana testing policy will be drastically altered under the updated CBA.
April 30, 2021Lane Trachy


Recently, a Democratic representative introduced a bill that would completely legalize cannabis in the state of Florida. Medical cannabis use has been legal in Florida since 2016 but patients are still barred from smoking cannabis to treat their conditions. State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith introduced the bill to further Florida’s ... Read More
February 28, 2019Rich


A new novel has arrived that shamelessly embraces and celebrates the herb. Let us introduce you to Moving At The Speed Of Time by Jon Christopher.
April 17, 2018Rich


Florida medical marijuana laws were passed in 2016. Smoking cannabis is still banned though and patients are attempting to change this through a new lawsuit.
January 31, 2018Lane Trachy
D.C. Weed Group Has Rolled 5,500 Free Joints for the Inauguration


They're trying to get Donald Trump to embrace cannabis reform D.C. Weed Group Has Rolled 5,500 Free Joints for the Inauguration - Everyone prepares for the inauguration in their own special way. President-elect Donald Trump is writing his inaugural address. The Rockettes are practicing their dance moves. Women’s March protesters are ... Read More
January 19, 2017Daily Dose
Coming To Denver- Designated Marijuana Areas For Businesses


Ordinance 300 Passes In Denver, Colorado DENVER - Denver voters decided to push the boundaries of marijuana law by passing ordinance 300 in this year’s election, Coming To Denver- Designated Marijuana Areas For Businesses. The idea was supported by many of the same people who helped campaign for Amendment 64, which made ... Read More
November 16, 2016Daily Dose


Marijuana activists protest at the White House but no arrests were made Marijuana activists took a drag in front of the White House as a statement that cannabis shouldn't be considered dangerous. pr Protesters also had originally planned to display a 51-foot-long inflatable "joint" at Saturday's demonstration, but protest organizer Adam Eidinger said ... Read More
April 4, 2016Andrew Bohan


Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Synergy created a line of products designed to combat menstrual discomfort. Whoopi Goldberg is getting into the medical marijuana business by developing a line of products designed specifically for women. Whoopi Goldberg is better known as an actress and comedian with starring roles in films like "Ghost" and TV ... Read More
March 30, 2016Andrew Bohan


On Oct. 1, Enedina Stanger experienced that moment she had been dreading since she began smoking marijuana medicinally to treat symptoms of a rare genetic disease. There was a South Ogden police officer at her car door. A passer-by had told police he saw her smoking marijuana. In court records, the police ... Read More
December 29, 2015Daily Dose