Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Course Approved by State of Alaska

Medical Marijuana 411 has been approved by the state of Alaska to offer the Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Online Certification Program (AK-DOH APPROVAL: MHCP 209).

After years of offering Medicinal cannabis guidance education to patients globally, the MM411 team has been approved to be an authorized training provider for individuals seeking Cannabis-related employment in Alaska.

Per Alaskan law, A marijuana establishment and each licensee, employee, or agent of the marijuana establishment who sells, cultivates, manufactures, tests, or transports marijuana or a marijuana product, or who checks the identification of a consumer or visitor, must obtain an Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit from the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office before being licensed or beginning employment at a marijuana establishment in Alaska, per 3 AAC 306.700.

The Medical Marijuana 411 Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Certification online program includes all the instruction required by the state of Alaska.

In addition, MM411’s online program provides several additional modules about the science of marijuana. All research is cited and is available within the coursework via clickable, endnote citations.

The Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Certification online course is a series of 10 modules designed for cannabis business professionals and approved by the state of Alaska.

As part of the Medical Marijuana 411 adult on line education, enrollees may start and stop at any time. Any student completing MM411 certifications and/or coursework will have a permanent student dashboard to review materials at any time.

MM411 also provides a dashboard for students.  If a student wants to review any information, they can do so by simply logging into to their dashboard to re-visit the content. All coursework and graphics can be downloaded for future re-use with customers, clients and patients.

Additional resources of lengthier, pertinent PDFs are available in the resource folders.

With over 800+ current, peer reviewed citations, Medical Marijuana 411 is proud to be the leader in online Marijuana Education for Patients, Medical Professionals and Marijuana Certified Consultants.

This Alaskan Handler Permit Certification for is Live and available HERE.

Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Certification
Link: MM411 AK Handler Permit Certification Program
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