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ASA SF Shames US Attorney Melinda Haag

Sam Sabzehzar 2013-01-23 0 comments

By SF-ASA  |  January 23, 2013

US Attorney for the Northern District of California, Melinda Haag will be moderating a panel on “The Role of the 21st Century Prosecutor” at Golden Gate University School of Law.

In response to this event, the San Francisco chapter of American for Safe Access (SF-ASA) will be mobilizing local activists to shame Ms. Haag for shuttering safe access to medical cannabis throughout Northern California, including nearly a dozen licensed and regulated medical cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco last year.

In the years since her appointment as US Attorney, Ms. Haag has continually demonstrated malice and open hostility toward medical cannabis patients and providers.

Her administration is responsible for closing eight (8) licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco including HopeNet, Vapor Room and Medithrive.

She also targeted the largest dispensary in California, Harborside Health Center, by serving their landlord with a notice of forfeiture.

In direct defiance of President Obama’s calls to leave medical cannabis alone, Ms. Haag has continued a rogue campaign to eliminate safe access in northern California.

“Her intimidation of property owners and disregard of the duly enacted laws of cities and counties under her jurisdiction has created an environment that is chaotic and unstable,” said local medical cannabis patient and advocate Tony Bowles. “If nothing else, 21st century prosecutors ought to exercise discretion in the wake of evolving laws and policy, particularly when no immediate threat of danger is present.“

While details are still not released for the action on Wednesday, Americans for Safe Access has promised a show worth watching. Preparations for a demonstration outside will include a 9-foot tall effigy of Ms. Haag focusing on the message of “Shame on you, Ms. Haag.”

Ms. Haag will be moderating a panel that will also include San Francisco DA George Gascon and Philadelphia DA Seth Williams at Golden Gate University School of Law at 536 Mission Street. The panel will discuss the role and challenges of the modern 21st century prosecutor in the social justice community, with time for Q&A. Americans for Safe Access plans to be onsite starting at 12pm.