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Elizabeth Thiele sits down with Neurology Advisors to discuss cannabidiol research

Daily Dose 2016-11-27 0 comments

Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD, Director of the Pediatric Epilepsy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Director of the Carol and James Herscot Center for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and Professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD csat down with Neurology Advisor to discuss the state of cannabidiol research for the treatment of refractory epilepsies.

Transcript From YouTube:

I’m Elizabeth Theil Md PhD director¬†the hospital, i’m also directing the first¬†neurosis complex at the Mass General¬†Hospital in Boston and a professor of¬†neurology at Harvard Medical School. I’ve been a child pediatric at a couple of¬†colleges now for 20 years and it’s been¬†very exciting over the past 10 to 15¬†years to see the number of new¬†anticonvulsant medications that have¬†become available so the number of¬†treatment options we have for children, Its many more than when I started. The frustration for all of us, the¬†families living with¬†children living with¬†epilepsy and people taking care of them¬†is there even with those new medications. We¬†still have a large portion of children¬†who’s seizures are not controlled and¬†remain refractory. So there continues¬†to be a big unmet need for effective¬†treatments in epilepsy and over the past¬†several years there’s been increasing¬†anecdotal reports on medical¬†marijuana. It became available in first¬†California and later Colorado that¬†marijuana extracts, medical marijuana, can¬†be effective in treating epilepsy in¬†many children. Several years ago an account¬†of GW Pharma was identified as company¬†from the CONT…