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According to researchers, marijuana helps Crohn's disease symptoms. Along with reduced symptoms, participants said their quality of life increased.
June 22, 2017Lane Trachy



Cannabis Is Medicine

Patient Story: Michael McNamara Cannabis Is Medicine: By Michael McNamara My journey with cannabis did not begin in the same way as other people began their journey. I was 23 years old and a musician with a serious stomach injury, and a history of anxiety. I was having a tough time. That was in ... Read More
October 20, 2015Chris Nazarenus


Learn how cannabis changed the life of Medical Marijuana 411 contributor Valerie Brooks. She suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, Fibromyalgia, and Endometriosis.
October 13, 2015Valerie Brooks
Illinois Adds Autism As Qualifying Condition For Medical Marijuana


How Medical Marijuana Can Help With Nausea and Vomiting Nausea and Medical Marijuana- Nausea and vomiting covers a broad spectrum and can be caused by numerous conditions ranging from chemotherapy to morning sickness to alcoholism. Many medications are also known to cause nausea and vomiting. The causes of vomiting differ according to ... Read More
July 29, 2015Daily Dose
Illinois Children Will Soon Qualify for Medical Marijuana


Another method of alternative healing is medicinal cannabis. Over the years, alternative medicine has become a popular approach to relieving everything from back pain to depression. Aromatherapy, acupuncture, crystal therapy and many more are common replacements to the traditional doctor's office visit. Another method of alternative healing is medicinal cannabis. Dating back ... Read More
March 20, 2015Daily Dose
Five Studies That Prove Cannabis Is Medicine


Scientific revelations are published about the healing properties of cannabis. Here are five new cannabis-centric studies that warrant mainstream attention.
October 5, 2014Daily Dose


Debbie Wilson was disabled 22 years ago when the 16-year-old driver of a pick-up truck knocked her down and backed over her at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was driving the wrong way, against the arrows, as he left the restaurant. The tail end of his truck clipped her jaw, knocking ... Read More
November 17, 2011Daily Dose