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Nail Patella Syndrome

Nailpatella syndrome (NPS) (also known as “HOOD syndrome“) is a genetic disorder that results in small, poorly developed nails and kneecaps, but can also affect many other areas of the body, such as the elbows, chest, and hips.

Here is Charles Snyder III’s story.

Transcript: Nail Patella Syndrome is manifesting in Naveya, and Charlie. Naveya had the clubfoot aspect. Charlie does not however; he just has the nail manifestation. In regards to Naveya, she received here surgery and in response for pain relief, she was receiving Oxycodone, Diazepam, and a stool softener. Were the three medications she was receiving. I guess it would be easy to infer that I was on similar medications at that age when I experienced the same surgery. It was like initially the same thing, exactly like Naveya, they immediately got started. The casting begins on day one; they begin applying casts since the day of the birth. Its called the Ponseti method, a French doctor developed it. Its a series of casting, and they slowly form the foot back to where it needs to go.

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  1. Lisa (hurles) lambert

    Charles Snyder is my cousin. I will back him up that the pain associated with our genetic disease is un-bearable at times.