Colorado Students May Soon Be Allowed to (Legally) Bring Marijuana onto School Grounds

Colorado continues to lead the way in marijuana laws, by legally allowing Colorado students with certain medical conditions and a valid recommendation to use medical marijuana on school grounds.

House Bill 16-1373 was approved 35-0 by the Colorado Senate after successfully working its way through the Colorado House of Representatives and House committees.

The bill allows parents to provide their children with medical marijuana on school grounds. The bill requires that school districts allow the use of non-smokeable medical marijuana on school grounds, school buses or at school events, if the substance is administered by a parent or caregiver of a student.

Students would have to have “valid recommendation for medical marijuana,” and could only use it under the supervision of a parent or  medical professional.

The bill allows school districts to set their own policies for where on school grounds students can receive cannabis treatment. It would also let them regulate what forms of marijuana are permitted. State Representative Jonathan Singer said that if a district did not set their own policies, parents and medical professionals would not have any restrictions regarding where they can give a student marijuana, the Denver Post reported.

The bill says that it “is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety.”

The bill is expected to benefit about 300 students statewide who currently leave campus to take medical marijuana.

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