Tonya Sanders: How Cannabis Saved My Life

Hello, my name is Tonya Sanders.

I am 37 and I have been sick on and off since middle school. But about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced lupus, fibromyalgia, and a million other things. Let’s just say I’ve been through A LOT in these past 10 years.

I dealt with a stroke, heart and liver problems, bacterial meningitis two times, coma, pain pumps, abscess, systemic fungal infections, sepsis, peg tubes, ports, PICC lines, blood transfusions, multiple surgeries, and hundreds of infections. I was in and out of the hospital every month. One day I had an appointment with pain management and they told me they were going to cut my pain medication back because of the ongoing opioid crisis! I looked at them like they were crazy! I’m a nurse and have never ever abused or taken more of anything than I should! I said I have been laying there dying on my couch for 10 years unable to take care of myself, my 2 girls and husband, and now this. Then I asked them what am I supposed to do. They stated there was nothing else they could do but to lower all medication dosages to start the weening off process. I was so hurt, confused, pissed, and now they’ve given up on me too. So, when I got to the car I tore up all prescriptions. What in the hell was I supposed to do I mean I was taking at least 20 pills just in the morning alone plus changing a Fentanyl patch every 3 days, dilaudid every 4 hours around the clock, muscle relaxers, injections at home, IV antibiotics 24/7 at home, antipsychotics, plus I took oral chemo for a year and IV chemo for 6 months.

So, the next day I started withdrawing BAD.

It started off with nausea, then came the horrific pain, anxiety, vomiting, suicidal thoughts, and skin crawling. I was unable to wear clothes, sleep, I was flopping around like a fish out of water, climbing the walls basically. I tried to tough it out for three more days but my husband and I couldn’t do it anymore. We had been researching medical marijuana prior to them wanting to decrease medication but I had never tried it because I was so scared. So, I called a friend and had them bring over some medical cannabis. By the time I had walked back to my porch from trying cannabis, everything I had been experiencing for the past ten years and last four days was GONE! I felt like I did 15 years ago. With tears running down my face I said to them I feel like I could run! Ever since that day my whole life has changed. I can finally eat on my own, the nausea is gone, the pain is almost gone, and I can walk and not crawl! My anxiety and depression are gone, I can sleep, and the list goes on and on! No hospital stays either! Sure, I have my bad days but everyone does! Cannabis has been my MIRACLE, my kids have their mom back, my youngest has never got to know the old me and now she finally can! I can be a wife to my AMAZING husband and make amazing memories with my family and friends! Plus, I’m down to just two medicines for my lupus and that is it! Also, my rheumatologist just told me that my lupus is in REMISSION! I know for a fact that this plant saved my life and it is my mission now in life to help educate and spread awareness about this miracle plant! Please let medical marijuana be a patient’s first choice instead of their last. Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope my story can SAVE others!

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