Patient Story – Daughter Starts Medical Marijuana Collective After Mothers Passing

Patient Story- Myriam Peña

Diana Peña became an advocate for medical marijuana after her mother had a better quality of life, she outlived life expectancy expectations by over a year, with a better quality of life.

From Diana Peña

On January 14, 2013 our mother, Myriam, was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma brain cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer.

It was a devastating diagnosis to say the least, but in the midst of desperation came determination and hope. We had been encouraged by mom’s holistic doctor to seek out information on Cannabis Oil, so we searched and discovered information on how to make and dose Cannabis Oil ourselves. From the moment we got her started on the Cannabis Oil, our mom immediately started getting better; MRI’s have all shown tumor shrinkage, blood count test have all come back with favorable results, etc. We became very involved in Social Media during the healing journey and sharing our mom’s story has brought us to connect with many other patients with not only brain cancer but other cancers and ailments which can only be treated with costly pharmaceuticals that can cause sever side-effects or with Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana and Hospice Treatment

Doctors had given Myriam a prognosis of three months to live, and there was “not a whole lot they could do” except extend her life a bit. With cannabis oil as a staple in her mom’s treatment plan, Peña said her mom outlived expectations by over a year, with a better quality of life.

It’s common for patients on chemotherapy to find that marijuana suppresses their nausea and improves their appetite. Some patients with severe pain use cannabis as an alternative to opioids and their undesirable side effects.

As with most things involving medical marijuana, good data is hard to come by. But a January study in the journal Gerontologist found that cannabis “may be an effective substitute for prescription opioids and other misused medications;” as well as “an alternative for the undertreatment of pain at the end of life.”

Peña’s Work for Patients

In some hospice facilities, patients “have to either hide it or go home,” Peña said, especially those organizations scared of losing federal funds. “I’ve talked to other patients where the nurses are OK with it.” Some nurses, she said, will even administer it.

From Piña – Because of our mom’s journey and the vast knowledge we’ve gained during her healing journey, we decided we wanted to change this, and we decided to establish Myriam’s Hope, as we just couldn’t sit back and watch as others are suffering knowing there is something so pure and natural that can help for so many diseases. We would like to welcome you to an alternative treatment therapy and provide you with a safe haven to access this amazing medicinal extract we simply call Cannabis Oil. Please join us and help us help you.

With more than half the states endorsing marijuana’s value as a medicine for patients with terminal illnesses, Peña said it “has to be a closed-minded doctor who doesn’t want to see this is helpful for patients.”

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