Toddler’s Seizures Treated With Medical Marijuana

Can a toddler’s severe epilepsy seizures go away by giving him medical marijuana?

A family in Israel is using medical marijuana to treat their son’s chronic health conditions. Lavie Parush was diagnosed with severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy from birth and suffers from severe seizures, leaving him suffering from brain damage. Since being born, he has dozens of seizures daily. After their son began using medical marijuana, his seizures are almost gone.

In the beginning, we were pretty anxious about medical marijuana, but then we thought, ‘What are we seeing?’ You know what I mean? We’re seeing this kid that was before…he was in distress, and now he isn’t.”

Other medications created severe side effects for Lavie. After exhausting all other options for traditional pharmaceutical medicine, medical marijuana was their last hope.

Just a few drops a day of medical marijuana, taken as a cannabis oil-mixed with into his food.

“We saw a difference immediately and after a few weeks, we didn’t see any seizures at all,” says Lavie’s father Asaf Parush.

The oil is high in CBD and low in THC. THC is  the psychoactive ingredient of the marijuana plant that creates the sensation of being “high”.

Lavie hasn’t had a seizure in months and has been taking the CBD oil for a year and a half.


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