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11-year-old medical marijuana patient Ashley Surin was banned from school for weeks. A federal judge has ruled she be allowed back to school.
January 23, 2018Lane Trachy
christie advocates anti marijuana policies


Debates about marijuana policies in the United States are beginning to increase. Politicians against cannabis reform are facing increased scrutiny.
November 15, 2017Lane Trachy


A study of 120 children and teenagers shows CBD can hep treat suffers of Dravet syndrome - a form of epilepsy that causes many daily seizures.
May 30, 2017Lane Trachy
Patient Story- Francie Floyd


Francie Floyd has a service dog with her at all times, since she was an infant, she’s been having seizures. Patient Story- Francie Floyd - A high-grade fever when she was less than two months old triggered the first of many. During her early childhood, her seizures were under control with ... Read More
February 7, 2017Daily Dose
Patients discuss first months of medical marijuana


The Struggles And Successes Of Medical Marijuana In Minnesota Patients Discuss First Months of Medical Marijuana- ST. PAUL, Minn. — Lawmakers, medical experts and law enforcement officials tracking the launch of Minnesota's medical marijuana law got an earful Friday of the good and bad stories of the state's new program. Nearly three ... Read More
January 20, 2017Chris Nazarenus
Mother Loses Custody For Treating Child's Seizures With Cannabis


Cannabis Smoothie To Treat Seizures Leads To Loss Of Custody Mother loses custody for treating child's seizures with cannabis-  In Idaho, recreational and medical marijuana is still illegal. Last month, Kelsey Osborne, a Gooding mother of two, had her children taken from her after she gave her daughter a smoothie with ... Read More
December 26, 2016Daily Dose


Thomas Jefferson University’s Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research is being renames to honor Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert, who donated $3 million to the facility.
December 10, 2016Daily Dose
Cannabidiol Lowered Frequency, Severity Of Seizures In Trials, But Without Euphoric Effect


A purified oral marijuana compound may help treat epilepsy. Researchers found that cannabidiol (CBD) helped reduce the frequency of seizures in children and adults with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
December 8, 2016Daily Dose
How Cannabis Works to Treat Seizures, ADD and IBS


From Dr.David Bearman and The Huffington Post How cannabis works to treat Seizures, ADD and IBS- All mammals, including humans, incorporate ontologically the old reptilian brain (the midbrain), which is responsible for most of our primitive emotions and is important to our survival. When the midbrain is over-stimulated it takes over ... Read More
December 3, 2016Daily Dose