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Finding Theft in the Evaporating Gram

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-07-14 0 comments

Inventory Control for Collectives

By Mark Goldfogel |  July 14, 2011
Marijuana is unlike any other product.  It evaporates, turns to shake, is weighed heavy and spilled in the course of serving.

These variables make tracking inventory nearly impossible.

Fortunately for collectives, MJ Freeway has built a management system accounting for all of the unique inventory, legal, and sales idiosyncrasies of marijuana.

MJ Freeway’s systems include plant tracking, batch tracking, wholesale and retail sales, growing costs, patient validation, compliance tracking and inventory control.  MJ Freeway’s inventory control system understands that grams will vary independently from dollars.

The system intuitively accounts for the known variances like shake, evaporation, spillage, and weighing heavy, leaving only theft.

Most POS systems marketing to Medical Marijuana were adapted from another industry or a modified POS.

The problem most collectives find is that their POS can’t track inventory independently of dollars.

Tracking inventory directly to dollars works for every other industry, but not this one.  ALL the variables would be considered theft in a standard system making inventory impossible to reconcile and theft easy.

By tracking every gram, dollar, plant, patient, tax and edible, MJ Freeway is helping collectives legitimize marijuana for the world.  By custom building to only this industry, they are providing the specialized management tools required for collectives to thrive.

For the month of July, MJ Freeway has waived their customary $2500 setup fee completely, so now is the perfect time to begin to “Track Every Gram!”.  Collectives must enroll by August 1, 2011.

Mark Goldfogel is the Founder of MJ Freeway, a Colorado-based software development company used by dispensary owners to streamline tracking of medical marijuana products to optimize business operations.