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First Community-Based Medical Cannabis Summit Huge Success

Daily Dose 2010-06-22 0 comments

After attending the 6th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics put on by Patients Out of Time Steve DeAngelo (far left) listens intensely to Chris Conrad (far right).last April in Rhode Island, many of the physicians and researchers from North America wanted to continue the ongoing conversation.

Last week, those fortunate enough to attend this event in San Francisco (or via Skype) were able to take part in a defining moment in the move from medical marijuana as an unorganized, stereotyped-stepchild of ‘real’ medicine to redefining itself as a very intricate and organized group of researchers, physicians, patients and advocates all coming together for a purpose of educating the greater masses in a myriad of ways, shaped by the audience and age group consideration presented to, without compromise to science facts and patient truths.

After a tour in several of Oakland’s medical cannabis facilities on the first day, we all sat down to the nitty gritty of what steps to take as a group… and after the previous day’s events the¬†Medical Cannabis Safety Council,¬†HarborSide Health Center, and¬†Berkeley Patients Group, everyone had a very good idea where we are and where we need to be.

Steph Sherer, Executive Director of¬†Americans for Safe Access facilitated the day’s meetings brilliantly and Amanda Reiman from BPG was (wo)manning the cloud conversations on Skype.

One of those who called in via Skype was Sunil Aggarwal from the Medical Science Training Program at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Also from University of Washington was Michelle Sexton, ND. Also on hand was Dr. David Bearman with American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and helped provide insight.

Our North American neighbors to the north sent over some of their best and brightest as well.  Rielle Capler, MHA comes very highly recommended by non other than Dr. Lester Grinspoon and proved herself beyond what even Dr. Grinspoon led us to believe!

A good day of brainstorming, collaboration, and conversations.The summit had a multi-pronged approach to meeting the goals of this wide-ranging group; from research and the good and secure collection of data to the awareness outreach of the findings to the education and acceptance of clinical cannabis in the main-stream health care delivery systems of North America and throughout the world.