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Florida Stockbroker Returns to Montana to Helps Make Sure No Patient is Left Behind

Daily Dose 2011-01-18 0 comments

Irvin Rosenfeld (left) Montana Connect founder Hiedi Handford (center) and Jeremy Joseph, Esq. (right)

From Patients Out of Time to “No Patient Left Behind”, the idea that the rights and privileges of patients is to be protected has never for harder than in Montana.

“Montana is being watched nationally, and what happens in this legislative session could set precedence around the world,” said Irvin Rosenfeld, who serves as a director for Patients Out of Time.

Mr. Rosenfeld won the right to access medical marijuana in 1982, and has smoked more than 120,000 federal joints, and continues to receive 300 joints rolled for him, grown at the University of Mississippi, and shipped to him every 25 days and is only one of four in the country to do so.

“Medical cannabis patients are productive members of society,” Rosenfeld said. “I am living proof. I have been a stockbroker for over 23 years handling millions of dollars on a daily basis. My goal is to help educate the politicians in Montana.”

“There are some very intelligent people in Montana, and I am sure they will see the science and facts, and consider what is best for the people of Montana… Montana has a proud history of pioneering, it is my hope they will take the lead, and be true pioneers for medical cannabis, and a shining example of the true value of not only medical cannabis, but hemp as well.”

The medical marijuana community also came together recently in Missoula to host “No Patient Left Behind”, an event that helped answer a few questions the local community might have have this issue.