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From Jeffery Kennedy – Trial Dismissed!!

Daily Dose 2011-04-28 2 comments

BREAKING NEWS – From our friend, Jeffery Kennedy:

HISTORICAL MEDICAL CANNABIS TRIAL HAS BEEN DISMISSED!!!!!!!!! The State Has Decided To Dismiss All Charges On Jeffrey Kennedy ! This Could Not Have Been Done With Out The Support Of All.
And For That My Wife And I Thank Everyone Involved !

…Please Be Safe,

Jeffrey & Sharon Kennedy


I started with just a few supporters that believed in me. Those Few Supporters Have Turned Into Thousands. And From That Support, Our Voices Have Now Been Heard As One. And The State Of Florida, Now Knows That I am Not A Criminal. And For That I Am Grateful.

Thank you to everybody that believed in me and in this fight for Medical Cannabis and the right to choose over Opiates. All though no laws have been changed, I think they (government) are taking notice. That Cannabis Has Many Quality Medical Benefits And The Laws Will Change Soon Every Where.


Thank You & Be Safe,


Jeffrey & Sharon Kennedy


  1. Isaiah Scruggs

    While I am thrilled for you and your family. I really wish we could have set some precedent here.

  2. W

    Jeff, we’re all proud of you. Keep doing what you’re doing. : )