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Gov. Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein Advance to Second Round in Third-Party Debates

Sam Sabzehzar 2012-10-25 0 comments

Finalists to Square Off November 5th in Washington DC

By Free & Equal  |  October 25, 2012

The instant runoff voting results are in and Gov. Gary Johnson had more votes than all other candidates combined.

Free and Equal Elections Foundation today announced that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the final Presidential debate on November 5th from 9:00 to 10:30 Eastern Time in Washington DC.

The debate location will be at RT America’s state of the art studio and facility.

RT America will open its studio and offer a live, neutral feed via satellite to interested media.

The moderator will be announced on Monday, October 29th.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson participated in the first debate.

The voter’s ranked choices were collected at Free and Equal’s website after the first debate, with a total of 47,836 votes cast.

The votes were tallied via instant runoff voting (IRV). IRV tallies all the voters’ first choice candidates.

Then, the candidate in fourth place is knocked off, and the second, third and fourth choices for those ballots are added to the other candidates’ totals.


First Count

Runoff Count

Grand Total

Gary Johnson




Jill Stein




Rocky Anderson




Virgil Goode




“The voters have spoken, and we are pleased to announce that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the second debate,” stated Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free & Equal.

The first debate garnered national and international media sponsors and worldwide coverage, bringing fresh new ideas and viewpoints to a large online audience. Replays are available on and RT America’s YouTube channels, Al Jazeera’s website, as well as Free & Equal’s website.

Viewers can catch the live debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson at www.freeandequalorg/live,  RT America’s YouTube channel. Additional media may join the live feed.