Green Saturday Helps Livity Launch Eco-Home-Depot Style Store for Food, Clothes, and Shelter

Livity Outernational's Food, Clothes, Shelter concept store launches in time for Green Saturday

Livity is hoping the shoppers that have been waiting for Green Saturday have enough energy from the day so they can stay for the eco depot’s Sustainable Style Store launch party featuring fashion and accessories from Livity Outernational, Livity Sound System, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Sambazon, and Vital Organics to name a few companies that participate in the Livity’s Food-Clothes-Shelter concept store.

Isaac Nicholson, the company’s founder, thinks people will enjoy their family time on Thanksgiving Thursday so much that they will make it stretch to Friday in the years ahead as the pendulum shifts from the mega-shopping experience the Thanksgiving weekend means to so many.

Look for the hemp gifts to be more and more popular this year, and years to come.  Eco-fashion is want people want to spend money on, not on ‘slavery-stitched sweaters’ and chemical dye clothes.

Proceeds from certain items will be donated to the Unconventional Foundation for Autism.

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