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Green Team Makes Judge Sheldon Blue in the Face in LB Medical Marijuana Trial

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-11-23 2 comments

After a failed attempt to tip the scales of Justice, Steve Cooley’s cohorts and a judge willing to deny evidence to a jury were shut down by an appellate court, granting Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron the affirmative defense the people voted on 15 years ago.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  November 23, 2011

Joe Grumbine (right) hugs his attorney Chris Glew after another day at the Long Beach Superior Courthouse (Photo credit: Medical Marijuana 411)

Earlier this week another medical marijuana provider was acquitted by a jury of his peers because they had ample evidence that the defendant was operating a medical cannabis dispensing center within the boundaries of the law in California.

This has been the current motif whenever a jury has seen the evidence.

Much like Jim Carey in Liar Liar when asked why he was objecting to statements of facts, claiming “Because it’s devastating to my case!,” so too is Steve Cooley’s lapdog Jodi Canstano, who is trying to deny the jury from ‘the whole truth’ in order to not lose another medical marijuana case Cooley has decided to pursue.

Fortunately for Joe Grumbine, Joe Byron, and for Justice, an appellate court ruled that the jury must hear all the facts regarding the operation of a medical cannabis dispensing center as it relates to the sales charges thrown at them.

The ability to stop a miscarriage of justice through the judicial system is rare when the judge himself has said on the record that he doesn’t care about the law, and going to far as to justify that statement by claiming “that’s why we have an appeals court.”

Judge Charles Sheldon got his way, just a little earlier than expected.

Allison Margolin and Chris Glew, the attorneys for the defendants, are far too skilled to let such an atrocity occur and took a writ to the Fourth District Court of Appeals to force the issue before the trial even begins.

The appellate court ruled in their favor this week, which sent prosecuting attorney Jodi Castano into a tailspin and left her and Judge Sheldon scratching their heads wondering what their next move would be, and were overheard asking each other “what are we going to do.”

With transparency in the courts the jury will hear all the facts, including the facts that police officers perjured themselves multiple times already and even used fake documentation to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation in order to enter the dispensary after multiple failed attempts to obtain their medicine through illegitimate means.

More than 5 million dollars will have been spent by the time the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict will be given to the defense, and in a time of economic hardship many medical marijuana advocates are mounting an agressive effort to defeat avery prohibitionist everywhere they abuse their positions of power, starting with Cooley, who already lost his bid for the Attorney General’s office because of his very backwards-thinking perspective on this issue alone.

Bonnie Dumanis, Cooley’s counterpart in San Diego, will most likely lose to a compassionate candidate, and throughout this state and the country at large the American public is fed up with this scale of corruption.

For now, Castano and Cooley will be shown what the 99% can do in the courts as the Green Team, the Human Solution’s Court Supporter who show up wearing green solidarity ribbons and silently witness court proceeds, plans to pack Judge Sheldon’s courtroom and occupy it throughout the trial, which was scheduled to begin November 28.

With the prosecution losing their only chance to win through the appellate court’s decision to allow the defendants their affirmative defense because it is a medical marijuana case, the trial will most likely be pushed back again.

Utilizing megaphones and the People’s Mic, rally’s have been staged outside the Long Beach Superior Courthouse everyday the defendants must show up, and with main stream media now picking up the story, more and more outraged citizens are showing their solidarity by showing up and speaking out to support two innocent people who have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.




  1. Ken

    Since when do Judges work WITH prosecutors?
    This Judge needs to be removed from the Bench no matter how this case goes.
    The prosecutor needs to be arrested and disbarred.
    The Police need to be Fired.

    Show these people need to learn that WE are the Boss.

    Every patient of Joe’s needs to sue the State for Unjust suffering.
    Hit them in the pocket where it will Hurt.

  2. Kevin

    I knew that would never stand. Finally, some justice!