Halloween Costumes 2016

Best Cannabis Themed Costumes 2016

With Halloween right around the corner it’s time to reveal 2016’s Top Marijuana themed costumes. These costumes showcase the most influential figures in stoner culture, and the silly side of Mary Jane. Be prepared to be the “hit’ of the party.

Costume #1 Seth Rogan and James Franco

Any characters that have been played by the illustrious duo of Seth Rogan and James Franco, from Freaks and Geeks to Pineapple Express.


Costume #2 Willie Nelson

A Rock and Roll Country icon that’s been a vocal advocate for the repeal of marijuana prohibition for decades.  Willie loves marijuana so much he’s even started his own company, with the goal of becoming the “Whole Foods of Cannabis”.

Costume #3 Ganja Fairy

We had the tooth-fairy growing up, make way for the 21+ Ganja Fairy. Beautiful leaves and a fragrance to die for.

Costume #4 Shaggy

A 1970’s munchie fanatic, from eggplant burgers with chocolate sauce to irresistible Scooby snacks. We all know what he ate behind the scenes.


Costume #5- Cheech and Chong

Up In Smoke is THE stoner movie. You will be easily recognizable as the bumbling duo, accessorized with suspenders, a yellow crop top and a red bandana.


Costume #6 Magic Brownie Baker

You will be the most popular person at the party, if people think the brownies on your platter are indeed edible weed brownies. Be prepared to share!


Costume #7 “Baked” Potato

This costume would definitely win the prize of “Punniest Costume”. Unless there’s a Han- SOLO cup in attendance, that is the punniest.


Costume #8 Your Average Cannabis User

A happy, successful, productive, average person. Embody the true spirit of cannabis, by going as the majority of its users!

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