Project CBD’s Sarah Russo – Patient Story

Sarah Russo, Outreach Coordinator for Project CBD,Explains why CBD-rich medical marijuana helps her function throughout the day

Transcript: My name is Sarah Russo and I use medical marijuana for anxiety. I noticed that it helped with my headaches. So that was a good thing for me because I had had sever headaches in the past. And then recently I was introduced to CBD rich medicine that was very beneficial because for my anxiety it helped take the edge off. When I medicate I don’t super out of it because sometimes when I medicate I need to do work or I need to meet people and so it wouldn’t work for me if I was using a high THC cannabis. And when I smoked I felt a little anxietal and I was not really engaged, not wanting to meet new people or be engaged. But with the CBD it gives me what I need without the after effects. I find it very functional, and uplifting. I don’t get couch locked. I am able to carry out my daily life. I can medicate and go out for a run, go out and meet people and not really feel spaced out. So for me that is very important.


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