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Letter to the Medical Marijuana Community

Daily Dose 2010-12-06 0 comments

Joe Grumine, Founder of The Human Solution, faces charges from a DEA raid where agents destroyed medical access desperately needed by patients in California

In response to the Dec 17, 2009 raid, where 120 agents (these are the agents that told Joe’s wife that they should be, “put down like animals”)  stormed locations in 4 counties and arrested 17 people in the state of California, Joe Grumbine (The Human Solution) is being charged.

When this happens there will be an arraignment set for later in the week.

After pleading not guilty and refusing the felony plea offered, the judge has the option to raise his bail (the state is seeking 100k).

If the bail amount is raised, unless a sum of money can be raised, Joe will be held in custody until trial.  In addition to needing bail, this story and others like it need to hit the news.

Steve Cooley has declared war on collectives and has stated this many times on the record.

Tax dollars are being spent destroying peoples lives; the very lives that have created an opportunity to help restore medical patient’s lives are now being threatened as the state throws their last hurls at a flawed and failed drug policy.

Meanwhile our bulging prison system is shipping excess prisoners out of state and releasing violent criminals early to hurt again.

Please do your part by spreading this message and helping out wherever you see peace and justice threatened, especially by your own elected officials or the lapdogs they send to do their dirty work.