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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson (right) and Congressional Candidate Steve Collett. (Photo credit:

At the capital rotunda in Santa Fe, New Mexico, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson announced that he is leaving the Republican Party to seek the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States.

Libertarians have a successful businessman and two term governor to support from their political party for the nation’s highest office. Progressives who believe in limited government but struggle with many Republican positions have a candidate to support. Fiscal conservatives who believe in freedom for all to choose what to do with their own bodies have a leader.

The former governor further announced that the Libertarian Party is expected to be on the ballot in all 50 states, that he plans to submit a balanced budget to congress the day after he is inaugurated, and that as president he will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders.

Gary Johnson supports free markets, a balanced budget, and cries from the occupy movement against special interests that pour never ending dollars towards a military and prison industrial complex that knows no limits. Gary Johnson opposes corporate bailouts. He supports a fair tax. He supports a reasonable path to citizenship for immigrants, just like our ancestors. He supports Regulate Marijuana Like Wine. He supports a woman’s right to choose. He supports gay rights. He supports human rights. He supports the bill of rights.

There is a term for people who believe in economic and personal liberty. There is a term for those who support foreign policy based on trade, not war. There is a term for those who encourage the rights of all to do as they please as long as they respect similar rights of others. There is a term for people who reject massive government waste, discrimination and violations of rights against search and seizure that result from our failed war on drugs. There is a term for social liberal, fiscal conservative.

That term is Libertarian.

Libertarians have a viable candidate with executive experience. Americans have a social liberal, fiscal conservative to support for President of the United States.


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