Medical Cannabis Activists Talk About What It’s Like To Be Plagued By Seizures



it’s not just simply scenes years well you’re dealing with pain issues you’re dealing with injuries there’s plenty of times well I’m in the middle of having involve Asians I world dislocated my own arm my shoulder among caller bone and were also will have to put it back in place for me there was one other time before I was with my husband my was with visiting anymore, i guess losing counselor that arm seen trying to hoping to what was all this,


and what happened pitched forward andand I struck is a beautiful would table yet a hunk of dog whisperer so zoning says there’s museums largely but would let her story and Douglas her and I was a vote for five inches thank sores goulden Saul in an diarrhea pitched forward an dire ended up breaking my nose and I started bleeding all overuse are beautiful fur rug so I’ve left quite a mass soand that once I think pretty close


to be ended my appointments what that Doctor so it’s there’s embarrassment errors you know Kemal humiliate Asian bears people who will make fun of you mean a lot an actual also limbs all those that Lauer knows like a few who, last week she I easily get up hours before she does loosely pencil luck locker so, she must middle lane and era sort of move suddenly wakeup suddenly not the way she normally does like away in an we


realize that she’s weapon then significant way so we think Rochester had a mile Caesar didn’t even realize the consumer cause that’s what happened when we have seen here in used sleeping will just lay their have a mild one all you know he had so we’re so these were the kinds of things not just grandma seasons he’s mile seen germs that they happen little time it’s the pain it’s yeah, he brough mushroom swings racial start screaming yelling troubles


around yeah that’s where you know why don’t you know that when I hasn’t it was all just talking very very Pauly as I am now yeah that really I’m screaming at the top of my lungs end just she Hawking about you’re us incredible its you know it it it’s very memorable I have to say that that you’re standing up proud in an trying educate people on on how to fix this
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